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awh their friendship is so cute

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Marilyn Monroe was considered the sexiest woman of her time.
she doesnt have the gap,
you cant see her ribs,
her hair doesnt come down to her ass.

she’s pretty much the opposite of what everyone risks their lives and tries so hard to be.

society you fucked up.

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can i borrow your african american crayon? 


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"Can you feel the love tonight?" +

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me and my friend just had a eureka moment. skipping is an excellent way to travel fast without having to use another mode of transport. Skipping isn’t that much slower than running (for me, anyway, I run slow) and it is so fun you forget how much your lungs are begging for oxygen. So basically, when a murderer is running after you, skip the fuck away. The murderer will be so confused you’ll even get a head start.


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